Shit White Girls Say To Arab Girls

Inspired by Shit White Girls Say To Black Girls

Real statements by White girls said to me, an Arab.

1. How come you don’t look Arab? Where’s your face cover?
2. Is where your from, like, a big desert?
3. Does your mother have to stay home all day?
4. Are you only allowed out of the house for school?
5. Are you going to have to marry your cousin one day?
6. Oh my God, I love hummus!
7. So why do you all hate the Jews so much?
8. Wait, so you’re not from Eye-raq?
9. Does your father have, like, 4 wives?
10. Do you speak like they do on Team America?
11. So seriously, do you all like Bin Laden? Seriously.
12. Aren’t you afraid to go back home? Won’t they make you wear that burqa thing?
13. Lebanon huh? Is that next to Afghanistan?
14. Wait, you can go out without a man accompanying you?
15. Don’t you think Eye-Raq is better without Saddam?
16. That head-cover thing - do they have hair under there?
17. Do those Muslim women need to keep that head-cover thing on when they shower?
18. Your mother can drive? By herself?
19. So have your parents signed you away to some guy since you were, like, two or something? I’m just asking.
20. Do Arabs know about Jesus?
21. You know if you ever want to run away you can tell me ok? My parents will let you stay at my house.
22. You don’t smell like Pakistani food. Weird.
23. Say durka-durka-Muhammad-jihad in Arabic
24. Do you all use toilet paper? Is it cool if I don’t shake your hands?
25. Do you have a white name yet? Like how Mohammad is “Moe” and stuff. I can recommend some names.
26. Wait, you don’t have an accent. How long have you been in America?
27. Does your brother have authority over you? Oh, no brothers? So you’re dad pretty much owns you right?
28. Do you eat American food at home or is that not allowed in your culture?
29. Man I’d hate to be Arab; i’d have to marry my cousin.
30. Do they have to wear those things on their heads at home?
40. Christian Arabs? Wait. I’m confused. I thought you’re all Islamic.
41. Can you use rubbing alcohol? Or is that forbidden in your culture?
42. Have you ever been on a camel?
43. Oh Lebanon? I love falafel.
44. I’ve never met a real-life Arab person before. You’re all normal and stuff.
45. Dude, I love Pakistani food.
46. You can be the token Arab in the group!
47. Do you miss home? I mean Eye-Raq. Oh, you’re not from there? Weird.
48. Does your dad know there are guys in our classes or would he flip out?
49. Fasting? No food or water? Holy shit, won’t you die?
50. I know I’m, like, an “infidel” but…